My name is SHAGUN, PATEL, I am 15 years old, and I am in 9th grade, going to
Valley Christian High School. I have two younger siblings, Shikha who is 13 years
old and Shivaan who is 5 years old. Some of my favorite hobbies include dancing
which I have been doing since the age of 5, and art which is my talent.  Dancing has
always been my passion and natural ability. I have won numerous awards in the type
of dance I perform which is called “Garba”. “Garba” is a traditional Indian Folk
dance that I have been doing practically all my life. I compete in regional and
national level competitions every year with my sister, in which I have won many
trophies. I also enjoy doing Indian Bollywood dancing, which is another type of
Indian dance that I will be performing today.

Along with all the first place dance trophies I have won, I also received many
certificates for my academic achievements, physical fitness, leadership qualities, and
artistic abilities. This year I have won many academic awards which include 7
Proficiency in Mathematics certificates, as well as the 15th place title in the 49th
Annual Mathematics Field Day competition nationwide. I also received a physical
fitness award from the President’s Education Awards Program which was presented
to me by the head of my High School. I was also nominated by one of my high school
teachers, a Certificate of Recognition for the LeadAmerica National Student
Conference at Stanford University. I also got selected in the National Art Honor
Society at my high school this year because of my artistic abilities.


President’s Education Awards Program for Physical Fitness/Health, presented by
Mrs. Torok (teacher).

Dance Trophies (1st place 5 years in a row!!!)

Proficiency in Mathematics certificates

15th place title in the 49th Annual Mathematics Field Day Nationwide Competition.

Nomination Certificate for LeadAmerica Conference, presented by Mrs. Jill Harper