Due to the earnest effort and perseverance of the BPRI’s researchers, they have made enormous
accomplishments. Not only have they overcame thousands of advanced studies, they also founded the
most advanced teaching system and training methods such as: “Reflex Tap Training Method", “New
Sequences of 29 Notes Reading Training Method" ,"One Minute Finger- Power Training”, "Methods for
Memory Exercises "and " Beacon Training Exercises for Concentration”….

Upon the requirements from many piano students and instructors, the U.S. BPRI staff has edited “The
Collection of Best American Piano Works” composed since the last century. Being  a fine piano textbook,
it is combined with the seamless duality of skill and interest to enrich the learning content. Its expanded
repertoire ranges is benefit to promote American culture and music.

In 2000, U.S Beacon Piano Art Center was established, and has soon gained noticeable reputation among
parents and students with its advanced curriculum. It is systematic, scientific and simple. The U.S.
Beacon Piano staffs are zealous to assist every piano instructor and student to reach his or her goal with
the most complete and efficient training program.