USABB is leading by Arts Council San Jose:

and Alliant with United Association of American Dancers:                                                                       
USBAA Mission:
  • To promote high standards of professional competence
  • To establish good fellowship among USBAA members
  • To offer a broad range of advanced artistic and cultural events
  • To connect all forms of arts and the community to ensure they
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Due to the earnest effort and perseverance of the Board
members, the association has succeeded in many areas. We
have established broad connections with state and out state
organizations, universities, institutes, research centers,
training centers, arts and culture companies and
foundations.  Our i
nternational membership is expanded!
Silicon Valley International
Youth Talent Festival

Feb. 7 - Feb. 16, 2020
San Jose Trianon Theatre
Beacon International  Festival
August 8 - August 17, 2019
San Jose Trianon Theatre
San Jose International
Vocal Festival

Oct 3 - Oct 12, 2019
San Jose Trianon Theatre
San Jose Inte. Festival for
Fine Arts and Design

Nov. 21 - 30 , 2019
San Jose Trianon Theatre