Introduction of U.S. Beacon Artist Association

U.S. Beacon Artist Association(USBAA) enjoys high recognition in the States as an important body consisting of
fine musicians, dancers, artists, performers and educators. Germinated in the year 1960 at San Jose, California, as a
social club for artists, it evolves into this day as one of the well respected organizations for performing artists. The
home of USBAA is located in downtown San Jose (also known as Silicon Valley), historic building of Arts Council
San Jose (ACSJ).  Its mission is to promote high standards of professional competence, to establish good fellowship
among USBAA members, to offer a broad range of advanced artistic and cultural events, to connect all forms of arts
and the community to ensure they are recognized as an important part of our culture.

The USBAA departments and subordinate units are: The Branches (Piano, Vocal, Instrument, Dance, Fine Arts and
Design, Literature, Drama and Theater, Photography and Young Artists), Service Departments (Department of
Membership, Department of Events, Department of Adjudications and Auditions, Department of Volunteering and
Fundraising) Chapter Studies (Beacon Vocal Study, Beacon Dance Study, Beacon Intangible Cultural Heritage
Study), International Studios for Art Education (Beacon Piano Studio, Beacon Dance Studio, Beacon Vocal Studio),
The Academic Periodical Agencies (Beacon Arts, Beacon Fine Arts and Design), Beacon Journal for Arts, Beacon
Piano Research Center,  Beacon Arts Publish, Beacon Artists Performing Team (its members presented a 30
minutes program to the former President of United State, President Clinton in 2011).

Since ACSJ Renovation, USBAA has been the “Model Organization in Arts and Cultural”, and is the first
organization being given permission to recruit international members. With its perfect system and the ACSJ strategy
of “Cultural Globalism”, USBAA plays an important role in assisting ACSJ to accomplish its goals of Business Arts,
International Connection, United Presenting and Financial Cooperation.

Due to the earnest effort and perseverance of the Board members, the association has succeeded in many areas. We
have established broad connections with state and out state organizations, universities, institutes, research centers,
training centers, arts and culture companies and foundations.  Our international membership is over ten thousand,
and is growing to be one of the top 20 organizations in the same category in the nation. We have provided a
numerous events to promote exchanges for musicians and artists across the States and overseas, together, it benefits
all to enable participants of various disciplines to cross and intermix with one’s equal; hence, extending one’s

Here are the events to offer to our regional representatives:
•  International and National Competitions (as listed): Beacon International Youth Piano Competition, Beacon –
 Stanislaus International Piano Competition, California International Piano Competition for Youth (Great
 Composers Series) including composers: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt, Beacon International Vocal
 Competition, Beacon – Stanislaus International Vocal Competition, Beacon International Dance Competition,   
 Beacon World  Instrument Competition, Beacon – Stanislaus International Instrument Competition, Beacon
 International Photography Competition.
•  International and National Festivals (as listed): Beacon – Stanislaus International Music Festival, Le Petit Treason
 International Fine Arts and Design Festival, San Jose International Short Film Gala,  San Jose International
 Keyboard Festival, San Jose Word Music Festival, San Jose – Shandong Animation Gala.  
•  Exhibitions for Painting and Photography categorized as personal or combined Exhibition.
•  Winter and Summer Camps
•  International Culture and Arts Exchange
•  American Artistic Tours for Concerts and Performing Arts
•  Beacon Advanced Training Programs (of different length: by month, quarter or year)

USBAA is now looking to expand to the world. We aim to focus our energy to be the most complete and arduous
organization to give all artists access to the world. We have open enrollment now in progress. Welcome to our
organization and please join force with us to start a new chapter.  May Apollo be with us all.