Beacon Artists Exhibitions Series

“Beacon Artists Exhibitions” (BAE) supports and offers opportunity for Beacon Artist Association members to
present their photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, pictorial arts, spatial arts and other forms of arts in order
to promote their art to a wider worldwide audience. BAE can be hosted by individual artists or groups of artists.

Artists Qualifications:  
BAE is only open for BAA members with regional careers and national reputations. Artists need to provide one of
the following items:
1, books or portfolios for hosting exhibition in the past.
2, evidence of the art work been collected by galleries or museums.
3, evidence of the work value in 5 years.

Details of Presenting Works:
Quantity: no more than fifty works for all kinds of art form
Size: no larger than 8 by 8 feet for photographs, drawing, paintings, and pictorial arts
 Sculptures and spatial arts should be able to be carried by one person.
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