San Jose International Fashion and Design Festival
                                      Date: August 17 – 26, 2016
                                        Venue:  Trianon Theatre
                                72 N. 5th Street, San Jose, CA 95112

The San Jose Fashion and Design Festival is a collaborative effort between the Arts
Council San Jose and the U.S. Beacon Artist Association, Fine Art Chapter. It will
be held at the Banquet Hall of Arts Council San Jose home, California, USA. The
event is a celebration of creativity serves up a varied program that brings together
the international and national fashion designers, merchandisers, models, buyers,
boutique owners, instructors and students. It will include daily fashion shows,
workshops, lectures, technique instruction and demonstrations giving by specialists
in fashion area and faculty from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. The
Festival is a cultural exchange which provides an unique platform for participants to
fully express their visions and make a statement.
San Jose Fashion and Design Festival Contents:

1, Fashion and Design Competition                      
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2, Advanced Training Program:
Festival includes a One-day tour of San Francisco Fashion Institute of Design and
Merchandising, Workshops, lectures, technique instruction and demonstrations
giving by specialists in fashion area and faculty from Fashion Institute of  Design
and Merchandising.
3, Tours to Museums:
Tours to Museum of Jewelry, de Young Museum, Museum of Craft and Design,
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Jose Museum of Art
4, Tours for Professional Growth:
Tours to fashion malls: San Francisco Union Square, San Francisco Fashion Square,
Santana Row Fashion Mall, and Stanford Shopping.
5, Artistic Tour
San Francisco Ballet - America’s oldest professional ballet company now presents
more than 100 performances annually; Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall - the
home of the famous San Francisco Symphony; San Francisco Opera Center - where
the highest caliber of international singers assemble in a resident artist program;
Palace of Fine Art –a peaceful, beautiful, and romantic monumental structure that
unites Roman and Greek architecture; Stanford University - one of the world's
leading research and teaching institutions inspires everyone to gain the highest
standard of education; Universal Studio and Hollywood Bowl: the ultimate musical
amphitheater; Disneyland and the Walt Disney Concert Hall: home of the magic and
the most acoustically sophisticated concert hall in the world.
                               Applications and Registration

Early application and Early Registration are encouraged.  To guarantee your
acceptance, you should complete your registration by submitting a completed
application form with the payment of the
registration fee (non-fundable): $100.
Please mail the check along with application to:

                                   U.S. Beacon Artist Association
                             72 North 5th Street,  San Jose, CA 95112