Silicon Valley International Youth Talent Festival
                     Date:   Feb. 7 - Feb. 16, 2020
                   Venue: San Jose Trianon Theatre

                           Festival  Objective:

In the modern society, the talent of the new art and the new mass art will be
developed into an indispensable part of the social art education, which is instinctive,
advocating formal beauty, extreme pursuit of innovation, anti tradition, emphasizing
subjectivity and developing personality. The Silicon Valley International Youth
Talent Showcase is to encourage and cultivate the “artistic perception” such as:
illusory, fantasy, mystique, mystical and creativity.

                               Festival Events:

A. Silicon Valley International Youth Talent Piano Competition and
 Performance Showcase  
 Age Division
  • Division A: 7 – 10           Division B: 11 -14            Division C: 1518
  • Division D: 19 - 22          Division E: 23 and above
 Competition and Performance Showcase Regulations:
  • Repertories: self-choose two pieces from all styles (styles of two self-   
               choose repertories could be the same)
  • Timing: Division A: not exceed 6 minutes          
                  Division B & C: not exceed 8 minutes
                  Division D: not exceed 10 minutes
                  Division E: not exceed 12 minutes
  • All works must be performed from memory
  • Participants are required to wear proper dress during competition

B. Silicon Valley International Youth Talent Vocal Performance Showcase
  • Repertories: one or two repertories
  • Timing: not exceed 5 minutes
  • Category: solo, duet or ensemble
  • Styles: include Classical Style (Opera/Art Song/Broadway), Folk Song and     
    Popular Style
  • Singers will need to provide their own accompanists or accompany music

C.  Silicon Valley International Visual Arts Competition and Exhibitions
  • Art Works including: drawing, painting, sculpture, craft, photography,
  • Age category:  Division A: 7- 12  Division B: 13- 18  Division C: 19 and above
  • All art works will get comments and be evaluated by professional artists

B. Competition and Performance Showcase will be taken place on Feb. 9th,
0 at Trianon Theater, 72 N. 5th Street, San Jose, 95112

C.  Applications and Registration:

  • Early application and Early Registration are encouraged.  To guarantee your   
      acceptance, you should complete your registration by submitting a completed  
      application form with the payment of the registration fee (non-fundable):   
      Competition: $100
      Performance Showcase: $40 for solos,
                                           $60 for duets,  and $100 for ensembles

Click for Application for Piano Competition and Showcase

Click for Application for Vocal Performance Showcase

  • Please make check to: Arts Council San Jose, and mail the check along with  
  application to:
Arts Council San Jose
72 North 5th Street, San Jose, CA 95112  

  • Deadline for submit the Application is on Feb. 2th, 2020
  • Competition/performance time will be email/mailed to you/ instructors
  •  For further information please contact:

D. Advanced Training Program:
  • Includes Solo Master Recitals, Master Classes, and Private Lessons

E.  Artistic Tour (for international participants only):
  • Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall: the home of the famous San Francisco
    Symphony, which has a capacity of  2743 and is home to the Ruffatti Organ –
    the largest Concert Hall organ in North America.
  • San Francisco Opera  Center: gives the opportunity to the highest caliber of
    international singers assembled in a resident artist program.
  • San Francisco Ballet: as America’s oldest professional ballet company now
    presents more than 100 performances annually, locally and internationally.
  • Palace of Fine Art: the most peaceful, beautiful, and romantic monumental
    structure unites Roman and Greek architecture.
  • Universal Studio and  Hollywood Bowl: where the ultimate musical
    amphitheater is.
  • Disneyland and the Walt Disney Concert Hall: where the magic and the most
    acoustically sophisticated concert hall is in the world.
  • Crystal Church: the reflective glass building is the largest glass building in the
    world and has one of the largest musical instruments in the world.

It is the sincere hope of the Festival Committee that our festivals will provide all
participants a unique opportunity to enrich and further their professional training
and artistry.