Silicon Valley International Youth Talent Festival
                               Date:   Feb. 7 - Feb. 16, 2019
                               Venue: San Jose Trianon Theatre

                             Festival  Objective:
The Silicon Valley International Youth Talent Festival is organized by Arts Council
San Jose and U.S. Beacon Artist Association. It is a comprehensive event that
encourages and promotes all forms of performing and visual arts. The objective of
the Festival is to bring together talented musicians, dancers, artists, photographers,
students,  technicians, publishers, and educators from various cultures for a
meaningful exchange of ideas and receive advanced trainings with highly qualified
master teachers. In the festival, participants will share their understanding and
creativity about performing and visual arts through competitions, performance
showcase and exhibitions; learning to improve technique and performing skills by
attending master classes, workshops and exchange programs. The events of the
festival helps young participants gain confidence and motivation to be successful in
their future work.

                              Festival Events:  

A. Silicon Valley International Youth Talent Competitions      
(Click for Competition rules)

B.  Silicon Valley International Youth Talent Performance Showcase
  • It is open to all ages in all classification (follow the same age division for
    competition category; one or two self- chosen repertories in all style)
  • Performance Showcase is not just for solos, but also for emsemble and choir
  • take the opportunity to show your works to professional artists in a relaxed  
    environment; all participants will be acknowledged!

Competitions and Performance Showcases take place on Feb. 9th, 2019 at
Trianon Theater, 72 N. 5th Street, San Jose, 95112

Applications for Competitions and Performance Showcase
Click for San Jose International Performing Arts Piano Competiton and Showcase
Click for San Jose International Performing Arts Vocal Competiton and Showcase
San Jose International Performing Arts Instrument Competiton and Showcase
Click for San Jose International Performing Arts Dance Competiton and Showcase
              Applicaiton Deadline: Feb 2, 2019

C.  San Jose International Visual Arts Exhibitions and Exchange Program
  • Art Works including: drawing, painting, sculpture, craft, photography,
  • Exchange of works between international participants
  • All art works will get comments and be evulated by professional artists

D. Advanced Training Program:
  • Performing Arts: includes Solo Master Recitals, Daily Master Classes,
    Lectures, Private Lessons, Students’- Concert series, Benefit Tour Concert
  • Visual Arts: includes workshops, technique instruction and demonstraions
    giving by professional artists.

E.  Artistic Tour:
  • Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall: the home of the famous San Francisco
    Symphony, which has a capacity of  2743 and is home to the Ruffatti Organ –
    the largest Concert Hall organ in North America.
  • San Francisco Opera  Center: gives the opportunity to the highest caliber of
    international singers assembled in a resident artist program.
  • San Francisco Ballet: as America’s oldest professional ballet company now
    presents more than 100 performances annually, locally and internationally.
  • Palace of Fine Art: the most peaceful, beautiful, and romantic monumental
    structure unites Roman and Greek architecture.
  • Universal Studio and  Hollywood Bowl: where the ultimate musical
    amphitheater is.
  • Disneyland and the Walt Disney Concert Hall: where the magic and the most
    acoustically sophisticated concert hall is in the world.
  • Crystal Church: the reflective glass building is the largest glass building in the
    world and has one of the largest musical instruments in the world.

It is the sincere hope of the Festival Committee that our festivals will provide all
participants a unique opportunity to enrich and further their professional training
and artistry.