2019 Beacon International Festival  
                                   August 8 - August 17,  2019  

Festival Objective
The Beacon International Festival is a collaborative effort between the Arts Council San Jose,
Beacon Artist Association. The objective of the Festival is to bring together talented musicians,
dancers, artists, technicians, photographers, students and educators from various cultures for a
meaningful exchange of ideas. Festival events include competitions for piano, vocal, instruments,
and fine arts. Exhibitions. Performance showcases will be provided during festival as well.

                                              Beacon Festival Contents

A. Beacon Piano Competition and Performance Showcase

  • Age Division
        Division A: 7 – 9          Division B: 10 -12            Division C: 13 – 15
        Division D: 16 - 18       Division E: 19 - 25           Division F: 26 and above
  • Repertories:
        One Bach repertory
        One Self-choose repertory from Romance Period
  • Timing:
        Division A:  5 minutes              Division B : 6 minutes          Division C: 7 minutes
        Division D:  8 minutes              Division E: 10 minutes         Division F: 10 minutes
please carefully choose your repertorie according to the time limit, competition staff will ask the performer
           to stop playing if the pieces begin to exceed the set time duration. However, this will not affect the   
           competition result. Competitors will be judged  by their performance merits.
  • All works must be performed from memory
  • Participants are required to wear proper dress during competition

B.  Beacon Vocal Competition and Performance Showcase
  • Repertories: two repertories
  • Timing: not exceed 6 minutes
  • Category: Solo, Duet or Ensemble
  • Styles: Classical Style (Opera/Art Song/Broadway), Folk Song and  Popular Style
  • Singers will need to provide their own accompanists or accompany music

C.  Beacon International Fine Arts Competition and Exhibitions
  • Art Works including: drawing, painting, sculpture, craft, photography, calligraphy
  • Age category:   
        Division A: 7- 12      Division B: 13- 18     Division C: 19 and above
  • All art works will get comments and be evaluated by professional artists

D.  Award include:  
     First, Second, Third, Fourth Honor Roll, Best Musical Award, Best Technique Award,
     Best Potential Award, Best Interpretation Award, Self-Achievement Award

E.  Applications and Registration:

  • Early application and Early Registration are encouraged.  To guarantee your acceptance,
     you should complete your registration by submitting a completed application form with the
     payment of the registration fee (non-fundable):   
     Competition: $100 for solos, $ 120 for duets, and $200 for ensembles
     Performance Showcase: $40 for solos, $60 for duets,  and $100 for ensembles

     Click for application

  • Please make check to: Arts Council San Jose, and mail the check along with  
     application to:  Arts Council San Jose    72 North 5th Street, San Jose, CA 95112  
  • Deadline for submit the Application is on July 31st, 2019
  • Competition/performance time will be email/mailed to you/ instructors
  •  For further information please contact: