About Us
     US Beacon Piano Art Center arose from collaboration between the US Beacon Artist Association - Piano Chapter and the
Beacon Piano Research Institute based on the theory of talent development. Honored and burnished by the decade-old record
of teaching some of the most gifted children, the center is in the business of piano teaching, training and an overseas
representative for student recruitment. We also provide joint programs for California State University, Stanislaus - Summer
Camp, the Sylvia M. Ghiglieri Piano Competition, and the U.S Beacon - Stanislaus International Music Festival.

Elements of our program:
   We use only the finest teaching methods, designed to help each child reach their full musical potential. Our program is
proven and validated by the countless state and national prizes already won by our students - many of whom are presently
studying for the national “Young Artist” matriculation or training for international piano competition.

Our Goals:
•   To promote the highest standard of piano learning and performing
•   To motivate each student’s ability to achieve and encourage their personal development through music
•   To prepare our students to enter in state-wide, national and international young piano competitions with our rigorous  
•   To help students collaborate with international symphony orchestra and to reach the ranks of the American Musicians
   College’s certified “Young Artists”, “Presidential Prize in Arts” …even before graduating from college

   U.S. Beacon Piano Art Center welcomes all piano teachers and students join our center.

Contact US:
Tel:  408-981-7759   Fax: 408-251-9768  
Email:   usbpac@yahoo.com