It is a very lucky thing to be able to find my life goal early and work hard for it. I am very fortunate, because I am like
this. Looking back at every step in the past, I am walking towards the direction of my heart. When I was very young, I
had an instinctive love for clothes. I secretly used my mother’s needle and thread and the clothes I wore small to cut
and then make clothes for Barbie.

Of course, this should be the experience that many little girls have when they explored the beauty of the world, but I
persisted in this love.I minored in fine arts in high school, and was admitted to Guangxi Art university, one of the six
major art academies in China, and chose to major in fashion design. Guangxi is a multi-ethnic province where I can
learn a lot of local Chinese folk culture, and the beautiful national costumes have given me a lot of inspiration. During
my undergraduate studies, I managed to absorb professional knowledge and worked hard to broaden my horizons in
fashion and management to consolidate my foundation in this field.

I cultivated my judgment on the fashion industry and became more sensitive to clothing and the entire fashion industry.
In addition, I have conducted some research, including the pollution of fast fashion brands to the environment. This is
the first time I have learned that the fashion industry has another cruel side besides bringing beauty to people. The
pollution of fast fashion brands to the global environment prompted me to reflect. I believe that we are not only fashion
chasers, but also protectors of the earth. Everyone needs to take up their own social responsibilities. My dream has
become to create a clothing brand that can meet the needs of fashion and the environment is harmonious. And I know
that if you want to create your own clothing brand, it’s not enough to have design ability, and you need to learn more
professional business knowledge. So at that time, I decided to go abroad for postgraduate studies.

In this way, I can learn business operations knowledge on the basis of understanding design methods, and learn Western
thoughts on the basis of understanding Eastern culture. Perhaps it will enable me to understand and have a higher overall
quality. All this prompted me to further study fashion management.

When I was in college, I attached great importance to self-enhancement, my grades were always in the top five in my
class, and I was awarded the title of outstanding graduate when I graduated. The pictures taken by my graduation work
were also selected for the Italian vogue website and won first prizes in several competitions. I also participated in the
ASEAN Fashion Week co-organized by the school and the government for three consecutive years during my
university. I was responsible for coordinating the show and modeling the models. As we all know, a good scene layout
needs to maintain all parts and correspond to each part.In order to complete this work, I went to see many successful
exhibitions, not only fashion, but also oil painting, sculpture, music, film, including the combination of contemporary art
and modern technology. After watching these exhibitions, I learned that a good exhibition should show many
characteristics in order to achieve visual effects and expression of the inner world. I accomplished these tasks brilliantly,
which was highly recognized by the teachers.

Outside of class, when I was a teenager, I joined the American Beacon Artists Association, participated in many
international art competitions and achieved good results, and was awarded the official certification of "Outstanding
Young Designer" and the Presidential Award of California State-level International Outstanding Student. For the past
three years, I have been an intern in shadowvoxel, a high-end fashion brand studio in China. This brand is the private
clothing choice of many Chinese celebrities. And I also worked in the China Liaison Office of the Hollywood star
agency "Agro Star Agency" last year for half a year, and participated in the design of some star advertisements.
Undoubtedly, this experience brought me closer to fashion management and made me understand that a good plan
requires persuading the audience to make art works appeal to them or make their lives a reality, and to think about the
problem from the audience’s perspective.