XIANGNAN GONG(click for news report) is the Vice Director of Acousto-Optic
he is the national first-level sound engineer. He graduated from Arts Department
of Shandong Normal University on July 7, 1987, and then worked on Shangdong Radio&
TV Station. He has been engaging in the recording of movie and TV sound. He
systematically and comprehensively learned the recording and producing of movie and TV
theories in the Recording Department of Beijing Film Academy in 1989. Now, he is, 1) the
member of China Association of Recording engineers,; 2) the
member of sound professional committee of China Radio, Film and Television Technology
Association,; 3) the member of American Beacon Artists
Association,; 4) Vice-Chairman of sound and light branch of American
Beacon Artists Association.
Xiangnan GONG was invited to attend International Technical Guided Artworks Exhibition
of Music Education Conference, proceedings of the Fourth International Technological
Directions in Music Education Conference, on Music Research Institute of American
Texas-San Antonio in 1997, and published papers. Then he published many papers in the
He was appointed as the judge of Prize of Excellent Sound Producing Works of Chinese
Film and TV Technology Association in 2005 and 2006.
He was hired as the Vice President of Shandong Youth Instrumental TV Competition, and
American Bacon-Stanislaus International Instrumental Performance Shandong Competition
Committee, and also as the judge of review committee in 2010.
After many years of learning practice in video recording, he finished all types of TV
programs, and accumulated rich art practice experience in TV series, feature programs, live
large-scale variety show, sports broadcast, etc. He has finished 13 sets of Sun Bin Military
StrategistTV series recorded by China International TV Service Company and Shandong TV
station, 8 series of Great Earth recorded by CCTV and SDTV, 9 series of Taishan Police
Officer and Yimeng People recorded by Shandong Television Center and Shandong TV
station, and 52 series of Appreciation of Film Art and 44 Notes, which were all broadcast in
the whole country.
In order to cooperate with Peru APEC summit in 2016, on "Sensing China" Peru Opening
Ceremony hosted by Information Office of State Council of People's Republic of China on
November 20, 2016, Grandiose Fashion of China was successfully performed in Lima
(capital of Peru) Municipal Theatre.
In the Chinese classical opera costumes image art large-scale performance Grandiose
Fashion of China, I was the stage lighting sound technology coordinator. Grandiose Fashion
of China centers in luxuriant opera costumes, and integrates poems, music, songs, dances,
technology and pictures. It shows the profound cultural reserves and extensive and profound cultural connotation of China, and is highly
appreciative and artistic. So it has a high requirement over the coordination of actors, lighting, sound and stage. Grandiose Fashion of
Chinawas successfully performed on Shanghai Expo on August 15, 2010, and received praise from audiences at home and abroad. In
November 2010, it was performed on Guangzhou Asian Games, and received a roaring reputation. From January 30, 2015 to February 1,
2015, Grandiose Fashion of China, the first original opera costumes image art large-scale performance, was shown in Brisbane
Convention & Exhibition Center of Australia. From November 30, 2015 to December 1, 2015, Grandiose Fashion of China went on a
show tour in Daegu, Korea. On each performance at home and abroad, the actors, lighting, sound and stage design were perfectly
coordinated, and the performance continues to maintain rich artistic tension and attractiveness. It drew waves of applauses from the
audiences, who were shocked and impressed by Chinese art exhibition.
I have recorded Global Chinese Network Spring Festival Gala for 10 sessions, was the head and production director of lighting stage
sound design production of the evening party. Evening party is the influential large-scale Spring Festival Gala at home and abroad, and
wins awards for many years.   
I started to organize and plan from 2009, and hosted American Beacon-Stanislaus International Music Festival in China Qualification
Trials and TV awards show with American Beacon Artists Association for 5 consecutive years. It has huge influence in the country.
American Beacon-Stanislaus International Music Festival has influenced the whole country.   
Main winning works include:
Love Students and Build Future Together----Central National Orchestra Concert won the first prize in the live sound production of sound
professional committee of China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers in 2003.     
Created large scale Spring Gala Create a Better Future Together and Walk into Glory. Among, Create a Better Future Together gained the
second prize in the national Cable Television Gala of China Radio and Television Association.
Qingzhou Bannermen won the 3rd prize in the sound production technology quality category of State Administration of Radio, Film and
Penny Tai Friends of the Song won the 1st prize in the technical quality sound category of Shandong TV program in 2005.