TONGYUAN ZHANG is from China, he is studying in Xiuwen international
high academic at Jinan, he has played piano fo over 11years. When he was 12
years old, he found his piano teacher Fei Song and received professional piano
training. His teacher changed his idea about the music and made him fell in love
with the music. He got a lot of useful piano skills and solo experience from his
teacher Fei Song. Today he has won multiple awards from international, like
California Young Chopin Piano competition, California Young Beethoven Piano
Competition. Sometime he also joined some volunteer activities and shared his
music with other people.  In August 2018, he joined summer piano master class of
Lviv music college and made public benefit performance with his piano teacher in
local area. In every year, he always follows with his piano teacher to make piano
performance at Jinan.

Performance Experience
Jan. 2016
  • Volunteer, Chinese Shepherd Boy Program, Jinan, Shandong Piano
    performance to raise money and social attention to care about the left-behind
  • Help the left-behind children to get good preschool education.
May 2017
  • Piano Accompanist, ‘Flower in May’ Chorus Competition, Jinan, Shandong
  • Piano performer at 2017 San Jose International World Music Festival, San
    Jose, California, USA
July 2018
  • Piano performer and Student, Summer piano master-classes 2018 in Lviv
    national music academy named after Mykola Lysenko, Lviv, Ukraine

Awards and Certificates:
  • Outstanding Young Artist Authentication
  • President's Award of American Arts Council San Jose
  • Second Award of KAWAI Asia Piano Competition (Teenager Group)
  • Gold Award of Teenager B group,  2017 Chopin International Youth Piano
    (China Group) Competition
  • First Honor Roll, 2017 California Young Chopin Piano Competition
  • First Honor Roll, 2017 California Young Beethoven Piano Competition
  • Goodwill Youth Ambassador of Arts
  • Best Accompanist Award at ‘Flower in May’ Chorus Competition,
  • Model Young Artist Award in the year of 2016-2017
  • First Award of Shandong District, 9th Zhong Sin International Piano
  • First Honor Roll, 2017 California Young Beethoven Piano Competition
  • 3rd Honor Roll at U.S Beacon - Stanislaus International Piano Competition