Shubing Pu: While I appreciate mathematical formulas and theoretical concepts, I am
captivated by colors and graphics. I integrated design into my note taking, using different
colors and charts to explain complex and difficult concepts. Thus, I didn’t necessarily take a
solely artistic view of design. To me, design is about form and function, which is why I
chose advertising for my Bachelor’s study at the University of San Francisco.

During two years of undergrad study, I have focused on advertising projects in class.
Through making logos and posters, I found a passion for graphic design. So I decided to
minor in design, and I set myself up as an art director in the advertising team.  The Model
Graphic Designer Award, which was approved by U.S. Beacon Artist Association in
December 2018 gave me more confidence to my future dream. With such precise
positioning, I have more opportunities to practice in my advertising team. In the National
Student Advertising Competition held by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) in
March 2019, our advertising team took us to the advertising campaign for Wienerschnitzel,
which known as the World 'Largest Hot Dog Chain to represent the University of San
Francisco. During the preparation of the year, I was fully disciplined. I am responsible for
the plan book, powerpoint design, and mock-up of the visual plans.

After graduating, I interned as a graphic designer at the U. S Beacon Artists Association. At
the same time, I am a freelance graphic designer at a health food online store in China.
During the past six months, I have also designed logos and poster products for individuals
clients. After half a year of the internship experience, I got the "Outstanding Young
Designer" which is approved by Arts Council San Joes in December 2019. Also, I deeply
realized that using advertising thinking is very helpful for a graphic designer. Because design
does not just mean changing color and shape, design can be upgraded to the entire
management system of a company.

I once learned such an idea in a Japanese designer's book. He said that one of the
characteristics of design thinking is "cognitive reconstruction."  Most customers want a
designer to improve their product, and almost no one wants designer to abandon the
product he already owns to create a new one. I am grateful for the four years of advertising
learning that made me realize this "brutal" fact. Because of this, I am willing to accept the
background and culture of a company. I think designs created under this "restrictive
condition" will be even more valuable. It's like a ruled game is more attractive.The
company's core philosophy, company culture, services, projects, product features and
product design centered on the core philosophy, as well as later marketing strategies, these
elements add up to complete the design. It's like Apple's IOS system design, the product
appearance design, service design, then the store design, and more detailed designs that
make Apple now.