Natalie Mesh: studied music at St.-Petersburg Music Academy in Russia and
successfully served as an Associate Professor in a department of Music and Art at
Klaipeda University, Lithuania. Also she worked as an opera pianist at Klaipeda Opera
House in Lithuania. Her career includes a long friendship with Chamber Orchestra of
Klaipeda during the concert tours in Poland, Germany and Italy in 1998-2002.

After Mrs. Mesh moved to US, she worked as a ballet pianist at Kingo Alonso Ballet
Company in San Francisco and served as a Talk Show Host on 'Russian Voice' Radio in

Mrs. Mesh served as a Mistress of Ceremonies and Coordinator of Activities at Russian
Arts Festival, San Francisco in 2006.

Mrs. Mesh with her family resides in San Jose. For the several of years she worked as a
piano instructor at Almaden School of Music, Dance and Art and now she continues
teaching piano at her own studio.