Michael Kulinich was born in New York on the July 6th, 2000. He was
introduced to the art of playing piano by his Mother, a professional musician, when
was 6 years old. Ever since, he has kept a strong commitment to practicing and
learning piano and music.
From his early age until now he participated in National Piano Playing Auditions
and received his High School Diploma in 2016 from National Guild of Piano
Teachers earning a spot in the Top Talented Circle. Since he moved with his
family to the Bay Area, he appeared in Music Festivals organized by Bay Area
Music Association, regularly participated in his teacher's piano recitals, and
volunteered in school and community events. In 2015 Michael performed together
with Slavyanka Choir, San Francisco, during their tour in Boston. He won a
Second Honor Roll in US Beacon International Piano Competition of 2015 and
2016 and First Honor Roll in California Young Chopin International Piano
Competition in 2017. He also played in AFAF ( American Fine Art Festival) in
New York in 2017.