Mark A. Zimmer was praised by audiences and critics alike for his fresh interpretations of his
piano performances and for his unique and exciting contrapuntal compositions. Mr. Zimmer has
performed throughout the United States, including television performances.  With honors, Mark
earned a B.A. degree in Music and an M.A. degree in Music Composition with an emphasis in
piano performance at California State University, Fresno.  He has studied under such notable
pianists as Dr. Klinder-Badgely and Dr. Andreas Werz.  Mark is a published, commissioned
composer and arranger.  Among his compositions include solo pieces for flute and bassoon,
choral works, a string quartet and woodwind quintet, a trumpet trio, a quartet for piano, violin,
clarinet and timpani, symphonic arrangements and a trio for piano, horn and oboe.  His trio for
piano, horn and oboe premiered at California State University Fresno and received the following review: "Mark
Zimmer's Trio was a relief...mainly because of three musicians who could handle the music's difficulty, emotion and
grace.  It started out with a strong melody in the horn that slowly set up the entrance for the oboe part that stole the
show with its beautiful lines, thrilling speed and tone.  This piece ended leaving me hoping for a second and third
movement with more like-minded concepts (i.e. the unique counterpoint) used in the piece."

Among his numerous awards, Mark was a first prize winner in the National 10th Annual Festival of Contemporary
Music Competition, in which his original score "Legends of a Distant Land" was awarded best original composition and
received its world premier at the Chamber Wind Celebration in San Francisco.  He was also commissioned to compose a
large-scale work for the well-known San Diego performing quartet "Four-Fifths: A Quartet".

Mark comes from a large, musical family.  It was therefore inevitable that music would play a significant part in his life.  
He began piano studies at the age of five and has performed throughout the United States and Europe, including
television appearances.