Award winning Artist/Educator, Jacoby Hinton, graduated from College
of Charleston with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Studio Art.  Growing up
Jacoby discovered his romantic fascination with the diverse strengths and
capabilities of the human body at an early age.  Trained as a swimmer, a
martial artist, and a soldier, Hinton has first-hand experience with the
grueling training one endures while striving to exceed their limits, as
well as the glory of soaring past that which had once been thought
impossible. Hinton’s work often shows us what it can mean to be fully
human and fully committed to the moment.  Hinton’s crucible of
experience has forged an immense amount of discipline that is as present
in the dozens of draft sketches that precede a single drop of paint, as they
are in each surgical swipe of his palette knife.  His use of bold colors
and textured palette knife strokes create a sense of expressiveness and
movement in each piece.

Artist Statement  

What does it mean to be human? Certainly there is an element of
existentialism that can never be fully answered, but what if we broke
down into a more simplistic approach? Our bodies are unique to our
species, therefore they move in unique ways.  The way we walk, the way
we jump, and the way we utilize our hands and feet - we are unique to
this world.
Yet, as unique as we are, we are also mostly the same. We share many
basic features and functions that extend across borders, languages, race,
gender, etc.  So much can be said with just our bodies. With just a look
we are able to collectively understand each other on a fundamental level;
while at the same time, we each have an intimate connection with our
bodies that no one else can fully understand. It is this duality and these
questions that make our bodies such versatile and interesting subjects; my
portfolio represents an ongoing exploration of this space. My style draws
inspiration from 19th century romanticism, contemporary abstract
methods, and Japanese anime to celebrate the full potential of the human
form. Each piece is the product of a rigorous process which begins with
hours of figure sketching in order to capture the authentic physicality and
dynamism of the human form. I found that an expressive energy emerges
when you juxtapose a meticulously drawn human form with the controlled
chaos and energy of palette knife strokes. I seek to paint  color palettes
that are fiercely bright and full of contrast, yet seemingly balanced within
each painting. My goal with each piece is to celebrate the full potential of
the human form and explore what it can mean to be human.