director of DaaPo, based in New York City, David has choreographed, performed and taught
DAVID J throughout the United States, in Italy and Korea. Most recently in 2012 he presented his
dance trio Return From HJ Junction in the Vision Series in San Francisco, the Pasadena Dance
Festival in Los Angeles and the DUMBO Dance Festival in New York City. Inspired by readings
about the personal and social chaos in northern cities following the Civil War in the United States,
this dance trio reflects the disconnection between individuals after traumatic events, unfortunately a
timeless reality.

Other recent California performances include the Brand Library series (Los Angeles), the West
Wave Festival and Vision Series (San Francisco) and the Monterey Dance Festival. When in Doubt
Keep the Leg co-choreographed and performed with Abigail Hosein was presented in Monterey,
CA for SpectorDance Choreographer’s Showcase in August 2010 and as part of Ahdanco’s
February 2010 in Berkeley, CA. In 2009, he created Sculpted Chaos for the Wing and a Prayer
Dance Company in Reno, NV and presented Go, a trio on the theme of migration in nature for
Dancing in the Park, in San Francisco.

In September 2010 David presented the hour long Migrations on the SCU campus exploring the
interface between human and natural migration. The audience traversed the campus led by the
songs of the “wanderer,” a cross between a visionary and a bag lady, as the migrating dancers
moved in and out of sight between the three designated dance sites. Following the SCU premiere a
lecture demonstration performance of Migrations was presented at five South Bay schools followed
by free classes for the students and an excerpt of the dance was presented during SCU’s
Sustainability Teach-In in April 2011.
from Life (2004), a multi-media performance work that explored the issue of wrongful conviction. Barred from Life was
performed throughout California, in Milwaukee and Chicago. and was featured in the September 2005 issue of Dance Magazine.

He has performed regularly over the years with Tandy Beal and Company based in Santa Cruz, most recently in HereAfterHere
at Cabrillo’s Crocker Theatre in both September 2010 and 2011. In the past eight years David Popalisky has also presented
Enter Softly, Cross Quickly in San Francisco and San Jose and was commissioned to create Flames of Prayer for the Western
Ballet Company. His dances Busted Bunker and Shimmering Disturbances: Dust, Dreams and Light were featured in the Vision
Series (March 2004 and 2007) at the Cowell Theatre in San Francisco. He choreographed and performed for the Belize
International Dance Festival in 1998 and in 1999 returned to set a work on the Belize Junior National Dance Company.

Previously he toured with Tandy Beal throughout California in Outside Blake’s Window and other productions such as her
"Mixed Nutz" version of the Nutcracker and in a concert with Bobby McFerrin. With the Throne Dance Theatre from New
York City he toured Korea and Japan and performed in concert with the Dave Brubeck quartet.

A recent fusion of teaching and creative research was the spring 2012 Santa Clara University Walk Across California, both a
class and performance experience. In June 2012 Popalisky and students walked from San Francisco to Yosemite to witness the
extraordinary diversity of human populations and natural environments of California. Each day the class performed a Native
American Blessing Dance and individual students created their own artistic reflections of their journey. Popalisky asked a diverse
group of individuals along the way the simple question “What sustains you in these times?” A video documentation and written
articles exploring this “walking dance” questioning the diversity of human sustainability are underway.

David has taught dance in Belize, Central America, Italy and Korea and has worked as a Master Dance teacher for the Bay Area
California Arts Project and other summer arts workshops. David is married with two sons, who inspired “Dads Don’t Dance,”
three summers of workshop for dads exploring issues of fatherhood through dance.