Wu Chun was born in 1982 in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, currently is the
only pianist in China who holds three doctoral degrees in pianistic. He is Steinway
artist. He was given the title of senior lecturer and honorary associate professor of the
Piano Department of the Odessa National Music Academy in Ukraine. Meanwhile, he
serves as the Artist-in-Residence of Tsinghua University, as well as the visiting
professor of Beijing Contemporary Music Academy and Cai Jikun Music Academy in
Fujian. He is also a VIP member of Kyushu Artists Association in Japan.

Educated and trained by renowned Professor Chen Wan in his youth, Wu Chun has
won the first prize multiple times, both in municipal and provincial Piano Competitions
in China.

In 1998, Wu Chun entered the Odessa National A. V. Nezhdanova Academy of
Music, and received top-notch instructions from Prof. Galina Popova. He was
awarded his Master Degree in Instrumental Performance and Music Theory in 2003.

In 2004, Wu Chun was admitted with top marks into the PhD Program of Soloklasse
at Hochschule fuer Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover, Germany, when he studied
under the Professor Vladimir Krainev, a world-renowned pianist.

In June 2007, Wu Chun obtained dual doctoral degrees in Artist Diplom of Performing
Art and Artist Diplom in Music Art at Odessa National A.V. Nezhdanova Academy of
Music in Ukraine. In 2014 Wu Chun harvested, with distinction, solistische klasse,
konzertexamen, another doctoral degree in Solo Performance Class at Hochschule fuer
Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover.

Since 1999, Dr. Wu Chun has won many international awards including: 2000
Vladimir Krainev International Piano Competition (Second Prize); 2001 Prokofiev
International Piano Competition (Gold Award); 2001 Vladimir Horowitz International
Piano Competition (Third Prize); 2001 Emil Gilels International Piano Competition
(Gold Award); 2002 Lysenko International Piano Competition (First Prize); 2008
Franz Liszt International Piano Competition (Fourth Prize); 2008 International Piano
Competition in Brescia, Italy (Third Prize). In addition, Wu Chun has been invited to
Russia, Poland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic,
Hungary, Spain, Italy, Japan, USA and other countries to present piano solo, concerto
and ensemble concerts at universities and concert halls, all of which have gathered  
countless praise and acclaim. For 3 consecutive years he was awarded Outstanding
Overseas Student by the Ministry of Education in Ukraine. As an outstanding young
musician, Dr. Wu was invited as a judge of the Richter International Piano
Competition at the 2003 Richter Music Festival.

Dr. Wu Chun, a very talented musician with many years of performing experience, has
a unique insight into music, mastery of musical technique, and passion for vigorous
performances. He has never failed to impress the audiences over the world, with his
mastery of an extensively wide range of music genres, his original interpretation adding
a brilliant touch to the music. Dr. Wu Chun is proficient in three languages. He boiled
down his upbringing and his 16 years of pursuit of excellence, along with his working
experiences in different countries, into two autobiographies: Chasing Dream and A
Little Progress Every day, both of which have been published in China.